If you are a freelancer looking for opportunities to get assignments, you could be a a “Seller” on this platform. Similarly, if you are a firm or individual looking to find freelancers, you could be a “Buyer” on this platform

Freelancing is not equivalent to employment. This e-commerce marketplace helps you find opportunities to gain relevant experience and earn fees through short-term projects. Hence it is not employment.

You will get a variety of roles to pick and choose, and gain experience. The experience can help you get the dream job you are looking for. You will also get a rating and a recognition badge if you did a good job, in addition to getting paid for the projects.

It could range from 300 to 4000 per day depending on the task to be done, relevant experience, the city you are from and average customer satisfaction score. You also need to remember, just as you are choosing a job, the client also chooses you. Hence, if you are a fresher, you could offer a couple of days' services free of cost, to gain live project experience. The experience can help clients gain confidence to hire you for a Gig / Project.

No payment is required to register or avail any training. Training can be availed unlimited times for the first few months, and completely free!

At the end of each assignment, you will need to get a confirmation from your client on service completion on the QWIRK site. QWIRK collects the money upfront from the client and will arrange for payments within a week of getting a service delivery confirmation. The money will be paid to your bank a/c directly

As a freelancer, you can avail Site Services free of cost, as a part of promotion program for the first 3 months. Hence, for the first 3 months, you will get paid as per the Rate Card in full (without any money payable to the platform). A Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) will be applicable either if you do not have a PAN card, or your annual income exceeds 5L per annum, with PAN card. 5% TDS is deducted if you do not have a PAN card. 1% TDS is applicable in case of the latter. Since this is a taxable income as per IT Act, payment of right income tax will be your own responsibility, depending on your total annual taxable income.

The system will have a price range starting as low as Rs 300 per day, and can go up to about Rs. 4000 per day. The specific price for that period is dependent on the relevant experience of doing that category of assignment, city (in case it involves onsite work) and average customer satisfaction score. For example, a person can earn Rs 3000/day on an assignment, and may only get Rs 300/day on another if the experience is limited on the latter. Similarly, the best customer satisfaction rating can notch up the fee by up to 50%, while a poor rating can notch it down by 50%. The customer will only see the final price payable and the entire amount is passed on to you, after deducting any applicable TDS.. ​

QWIRK is short for Quick Work or Quality Work. We want the sellers (freelancers) to find enough QWIRK opportunities through our site services. Equally, we want the buyers (clients) to find enough Qwirks (freelancers) to select from, that suit their short-term project requirements. So, get ready to "Unlimit Yourself" and QWIRK your way to Success!